Akbar V Calls Alexis Skyy Messy For Answering A Question About The Status Of Their Friendship On Instagram

Akbar V Calls Alexis Skyy Messy For Answering A Question On Instagram

With four days away from 2022, it looks like the beef between Alexis Skyy and her former friend and rapper Akbar V isn’t something they’re leaving behind. Their drama has reignited due to a question and answer on Alexis’ Instagram story. As we previously reported, Alexis responded to a question that read, “Do you still associate with Akbar???” Alexis replied, “Who?”

The response set off the self-proclaimed queen of Atlanta, who took shots at the reality star on Twitter. Akbar said Alexis was messy and tweeted, “You only answer the ones like that to get a response. I would’ve just looked over the question and answered the positive ones… I’m so different the old me would’ve never mind… God bless you, stank.” Akbar followed up by tweeting, “Who? The one she was running from?”

The rapper didn’t stop there. She continued to tweet that Alexis always plays the victim on the Internet. She told the influencer to leave her alone and not speak of her. The Atlanta native took a brief pause before taking her tweets up a notch by making allegations about Alexis. She tweeted, “This one girl always wants to play the victim but be on the internet being so messy and distasteful…. Leave me alone don’t speak on me look over any questions bout me like terms and conditions. ‘Cause we both know you don’t want to fight, you want to hide behind keyboards and play victim.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Akbar has accused Alexis of drug use. If you recall, the issues between the former friends started in June after Akbar, Alexis, and Lira Galore got into an altercation outside a nightclub. The drama escalated when Akbar spoke negatively about Alaiya’s disability, calling her “brain dead” and “retarded,” which she later apologized for.

At this time, Alexis has not responded to Akbar’s allegations, but we will keep you posted if she does.

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