Texas teacher resigns after video shows him saying racial slur during class

A teacher at Klein Collins High School located in Spring, TX has resigned after a video began circulating of him saying a racial slur in front of students during a class discussion on race culture according to ABC 13.

According to Klein ISD, Norman Grueneich was a theatre arts teacher at the school, resigned last week.

The resignation comes as community activists, parents and students gathered outside of the school to demand answers and actions from administration. They believe the actions of the teacher are blatantly racist behavior. In the recording, the teacher can be heard asking why there is no ‘white’ history month, and why he is unable to say the N-word according to the news station.

“I don’t know. Why do the guys in my class say ‘Man n****, you crazy?,’ Why do they say that?,” the teacher questioned. “And, why is it because I’m a white guy I can’t say that?”

Parents accused the district of being complicit after they failed to act until they found out people were gathering for a press conference.

“We said ‘Look, we’re trying to go about this the right way. We don’t want to go to the media,’” parent Jamie Olliver, whose daughter was the student speaking with Grueneich told the news station.

“I don’t want any backlash coming on my family, on the kids from other students, faculty,” Olliver said. “And, a whole week later, not even a phone call. Not an email, not anything.”

Klein ISD released the following statement:

“Every child deserves to feel safe and have a positive learning experience in our schools. We are deeply sorry that this former employee failed to do this for our students.”

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