Straaaaait Creepin’ Rumors: Did Safaree Knock Up A Mistress Outside Of His Erica Mena Marriage?

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Did Safaree Samuels cheat on his estranged pregnant wife Erica Mena and get another woman pregnant? That’s what’s being reported in the rumor mill. According to the entertainment news site The Neighborhood Talk, a close source has confirmed Safaree not only was creeping outside of his marriage but an unnamed mistress is expecting his child.

Recently, Erica Mena filed for divorce from Safaree which felt like a sudden move to fans. Mind you, just a few days before her filing, the reality star was bragging about their relationship withstanding its ups and downs.

Now today, in an “exclusive” report shared to their Instagram page, The NeigbhordhoodTalk wrote;

“A lot of people couldn’t seem to understand Erica’s frustration with Safaree, who we all see as the funny joking lovable guy on social media. Well, that married man allegedly was out here cheating on Erica Mena and got another girl pregnant, according to a close source.”

Interestingly enough, however, the post has been deleted.

Erica Mena so far has not responded to the report and before the post disappeared Safaree left a cap [emoji] in the comments to call it “cap” or a “lie.”

Earlier this week, we reported that the rapper filed court documents the preemptively make sure he was giving the opportunity to be present for the birth of his and Mena’s second baby. 

Erica’s fellow pregnant friend/fellow Love & Hip Hop star Bambi, the wife of Lil Scrappy, hinted that there might be a legitimate reason for Safaree to be excluded from the birth.

Bambi wrote in her InstaStory:

“When you’re giving birth you need someone by your side to support you and tell you it’s gonna be ok, pass you ice chips, hold your hand and put you at ease. If you are only allowed to have ONE person in the delivery room with you…why the hell would you choose to be in there with someone who don’t like you???? TF?”

Do YOU think this rumor Safaree knocked up another chick is true?

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