Twin Brother and Sister Awarded $1.5M in Scholarships, Accepted into 15 Colleges

Two 17-year-old twins Reagan and Ricardo Razon from Raleigh, North Carolina have been accepted into 15 universities and offered over than $1.5 million in scholarships.

Since they were young, the two have enjoyed studying and learning new things even on weekends. Now the pair are getting ready to go to college and accomplish their dreams. The twins began getting college application early and were excited each time they received an acceptance letters.
Both of teens were accepted to top universities such as Harvard, Duke, Yale, MIT, UPenn, and more. They earned over $1.53 million combined in non-need merit-based scholarships.

“We were both pleasantly surprised, but also grateful to receive all the offers that we did receive. Especially, as we’re experiencing a global pandemic. This year has been different for many students and the college application process has also been increasingly difficult,” Reagan told WRAL.

Reagan accepted the Robertson Scholarship and will attend Duke University and Ricardo will attend Harvard University.

Reagan and Ricardo are interested in taking programs that are related to STEM. They hope to inspire children from underserved communities to dream big.

“I want to be somebody who brings diversity in the fields in the occupation I choose to go in, in the leadership positions I choose to seek,” Ricardo said.

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