Yiiikes: 22-Year-Old Design Intern Blasts Converse On TikTok For Allegedly Stealing THIS Sneaker Concept [Video]

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These companies ain’t Isht.

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In a viral TikTok with now more than 10million views, an aspiring shoe designer named Cecilia Monge alleged sneaker company Converse swiped her designs without credit and didn’t even hire her! The young woman showed two shoes she created based on natural landmarks in the US, which she shared with the billion-dollar company in hopes of scoring an internship.

Instead, she found out months later that they released two sneakers to honor The Grand Canyon that had striking similarities to two designs she submitted with the same exact theme.

“Um, it is essentially the same,” Monge claimed. “Didn’t get the internship, never heard back from them. And then saw this on the internet.”

Hit play to see the evidence.

Do YOU think this is just an eerie coincidence or should Converse pay up?

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