18-year-old AL-Tarrek Bell shields 10-year-old from bullets, causing his own death 

A North Carolina 18-year-old used his own body to shield a 10-year-old from gunshots according to ABC NY 7. AL-Tarrek Bell is from Skinnersville, North Carolina a  town on the shores of the Albemarle Sound in Washington County. Bell was less than a month from his birthday, Bell was close to graduating high school and had dreams of becoming a model. The selflessness act has gave the 10-year-old the chance to live. Bell’s mother Izetta Howell said, “Thank God my son was there to protect the little boy in the back seat.”

Bell was in New Jersey with his girlfriend visiting her family. The incident took place on Saturday, March 27, when Bell was in the backseat of a car with his girlfriend’s 10-year-old nephew. Then another driver opened fire on the vehicle. Bell acted quick using his body to cover the 10-year-old as bullets went into the car.

Multiple bullets hit Bell, which ultimately killed Bell. A 25-year-old who was siting in the front seat of the car was also killed in the shooting. The 10-year-old walked away unharmed.

“For him to save his life, that meant the world to me even though my son is gone; but just to know that my son had a heart of gold, it makes it even better to deal with,” Howell said.

The 10-year-old’s mother gave nothing but praise and admiration for Bell’s action.

“I love him, and I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever forget him ever. And I will make sure that his name lives on as the hero that he was,” Jackie Santiago said. Howell believes her son is in Heaven now.

“When he would come to school, his smile would light up the whole school,” Howell said. “Now, when I walk outside, his smile lights up the sky and that makes me feel good.”

As of now, police have not announced any arrests made in this case.

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