Where Can We Be Black In Peace?

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan sat down with the Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey, in what would be a sobering example of the intersectionality of race and trajectories of Black people across the world. The tell-all interview recently earned an Emmy nomination under the “Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special” category. The interview confirmed something I’ve always felt to be true — that there are very few places where Black people can be Black in peace. Whether we like it or not, we Black people are a collective community under a system that actively works to dismantle our Blackness….

The Ongoing Rift Between African Immigrants and African Americans

Because Black people don’t exist as a monolith, relationships with each other are mostly defined by common experiences. Arguably, no communities within the Black diaspora have exhibited animosity between themselves than Africans and African Americans. To understand the friction between these communities is to closely examine white supremacy as a culprit. White supremacy is a system, or power structure, established to prioritise the feelings, interests, care, attention, and prosperity of White people even at the expense of other racial groups.Its role in colonisation, violent capture and forceful removal of native Africans from their homelands is well documented. In truth, a significant…

Zimbabwean Billionaire Strive Masiyiwa Announced as Netflix Board of Director

Zimbabwean telecoms billionaire Strive Masiyiwa has been announced as the first African on Netflix’s board of directors. According to Bloomberg, Netflix announced the news early this Thursday. Masiyiwa is the founder behind giant telecommunications company Econet which has business locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The global streaming company is set to increase Netflix’s marketing base in Africa and has reportedly selected Masiyiwa for his connections and historical business enterprise. Read: ‘Cook Off’ Becomes First Independent Zimbabwean Film to be Acquired by NetflixNetflix co-founder, chairman and co-CEO Reed Hastings welcomed Masiyiwa as reported by The Hollywood Reporter: “We are…