After watching Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice now considering becoming a head coach

Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice. (Image source: Twitter – @JerryRice)

Another football giant could be headed back to an HBCU.

Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice told SI‘s Kyle Mosley he is now considering becoming a head coach. Rice, who has said in previous interviews he’s been approached to coach programs and politely declined, told Mosley the past season of a former teammate has changed his mind.

“Not until Deion [Sanders] went to Jackson State,” Rice told Mosley. “I felt I played the game for such a long time, I was so totally committed and I just poured everything into my career that I didn’t have anything left because as a coach, you really don’t have a life. Coaching is hard, man. It takes up a majority of your time.”

Rice said he currently visits the San Francisco 49ers as a mentor.

“[Coaching] takes a total commitment and you’ve got to be all in, but you know, it’s starting to cross my mind a little bit now,” Rice said.

Rice and Sanders were longtime NFL rivals as Sanders was widely-regarded as the best cornerback in the league and Rice was considered its best wide receiver. The two teamed up for a season in 1994 with the San Francisco 49ers and won a Super Bowl.

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