North Carolina 37-year-old Black man fatally shot outside of his home by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy

A 37-year-old Black man was fatally shot outside of his home in North Carolina by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy in an incident that has since started protests in the town of Fayetteville amid allegations about what led up to the deadly incident. The incident took place around 2:15 pm on Jan. 8 when Jason Walker was killed after an incident in the roadway with a pickup-driving off duty The Fayetteville Observer reported.

A statement from the Fayetteville Police Department initially claimed that Walker “ran into traffic and jumped on a moving vehicle” right before Deputy Jeffrey Hash shot him. After the fatal shooting, Hash called 911 to report the incident. According to witnesses the deputy try save the man’s life after he was shot, but rather called his higher-ups in the sheriff’s department. Witness Elizabeth Ricks got out of her car to try and save Walker by applying pressure to his wounds. Ricks says instead of trying to help, the deputy called the sheriff’s office.

The following day Ricks talked to a crowd at a Fayetteville rally in support of Walker, where she said she witnessed Walker attempting to cross the street, seemingly to get to his home, before he was hit by the pickup truck, after which the deputy shot him.

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The News & Observer newspaper quoted the trauma nurse saying: “I did not see anyone in distress. The man was just walking home.”

“It breaks my heart he didn’t survive, and I’m trying to cope with that as well,” she said at a march in protest of the tragic death. “I don’t want to take away from Jason or the injustice, and I’m not going to be silent.”

Reportedly, two people who allegedly saw the incident said on social media they witness the deputy hitting Walker with his truck while he was crossing the street and then shoot him.

Video of the shooting was posted on social media almost four hours later. In the video a man in a red pickup truck is on the phone, while two women and a different man are trying to help a man lying on the ground.

“I don’t know where the entry point is he won’t tell me where he shot him,” a woman is heard saying.

“I’m trying to protect my daughter and my wife,” Deputy Hash said on the phone. “People are hostile right now.”

As sirens blaze louder and louder, one of the witnesses runs over to him and says, the video records, “Nobody is hostile. Don’t you (expletive) say that. Nobody is hostile.”

Once two officers arrived on the scene, they tried to help Walker.

A preliminary investigation showed that Hash’s shot was not fired through the windshield and that its wiper was torn off. The report said that the metal portion of the wiper was used to break the windshield of the truck in multiple spots.

At a news conference, Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins clarified rumors about the incident.

She said the pickup truck had a “black box” that would have registered if the vehicle struck “any person or thing.” She also noted that there was only one eyewitness, who has told law enforcement that Walker was not hit by the truck. The North Carolina Bureau of Investigation has been brought on to review Hash’s conduct.

The FBI Public Affairs Specialist, Shelley Lynch told ABC 11, “We are aware of the shooting death investigation in Fayetteville and are in regular contact with local and state authorities. If, in the course of the North Carolina SBI investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

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