Ohio Man Killed By Officer During New Year’s Ritual Body Camera Video Shows Officer Shot Without Warning Through Their Fence

The wife of an Ohio man fatally shot by a police officer on New Year’s Day demands justice after she said her husband was shot without warning during their annual celebratory gunfire ritual when the clock turned 12:00 am. Marquetta Williams told the Canton Repository the incident took place at their home just minutes after the new year begin.

Williams told the newspaper that her husband James Williams had been firing off celebratory gunshots with his AR-15 skyward into the air in their backyard which is a  tradition for people in their neighborhood.

James fired four shots in the air total, Marquetta Williams says. Once he turned around to follow his wife back into the house, where she had been standing only a foot away, he said, “I’ve been shot.”

“My husband and I both went out there to shoot guns in the air like everybody does to celebrate,” Williams said.

Williams told reporters  the 46-year-old was behind a 6-foot wooden privacy fence, making it almost impossible to see in or out. Williams said her husband was unaware police were on the other side of their fence and maintained the man was not firing at police.

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