How To Go From Bad Eating Habits To Healthy

bad eating habits

No one is perfect. But, everyone is capable of improving their everyday healthy lifestyle.

Especially when it comes to eating habits…

In today’s Yolanda’s Take, a listener wants to know how to go from bad eating habits to healthy. She sat down with fellow gospel singer Donnie McClurkin to give her advice.

These are the steps Yolanda Adams recommends to start eating better and living a healthier life.

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1. Walk around with a plastic bag of vegetables.

Make sure you’re getting some kind of green during the day. It may sound absurd, but Yolanda says keeping vegetables on you at all times for snacking is an easy trick to ensure you are getting your daily greens and vegetables. It will also save you from making that unhealthy trip to McDonald’s.

“Stuff like that started making sense and started helping me, especially with diabetes,” fellow gospel singer Donnie McClurkin shares. “And with diabetes, I started realizing that my nutrients were going, my vitamins were going and my body was breaking down. It was based on two things: what I was eating and what I didn’t know about my body.”

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2. Make sure you are getting your vitamins.

“Make sure you have a good vitamin because you know as we get older, our hormones change and we lose certain things but you don’t have to lose it,” Yolanda shares. “I don’t take any hormone therapies or anything like that. I take natural God-given things from food because that’s where you’re supposed to get it first because there is such an amazing array of vitamins that are already in food.”

“What I was eating was satisfying my appetite, but it was killing my body. And I was watching Dr. Oz one day and Dr. Oz said

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