Mississippi officer responds to call, discovers shooting victim is her son

A Mississippi police officer has experienced all parent’s worst nightmare over the weekend when she responded to a call about a shooting and discovered her own son dead at the scene. Officer Laquandia Cooley told WLBT-TV that she went into a state of panic Sunday morning when she came to the scene in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, a small city 30 miles south of Jackson. Where she found her 20-year-old son Charles Stewart Jr. laying dead in the middle of the road with a gunshot wound to the head.

“As we get out, I look and I was like, ‘This is my son, this is my son,’” Cooley told the news station. “So, I literally just go into a breakdown you know? Like, why? Who would do this to my son?”

Cooley says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the body in the street was her son’s.

“I was seeing my own son laying there on the ground dead,” she said. “It was pretty much a panic. It was just, it was too much.”

The motive and events leading up to the shooting are still unclear. Hazlehurst Police Chief Darian Murray told reporters the investigation into Stewart’s death will be conducted by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation since the 20-year-old is the son of a police officer. Murray told WJTV on Monday that no suspects have been identified yet.

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