Kodak Black will do a Verzuz battle with Jay-Z under 1 condition

Jay-Z has been a popular man for the past two weeks.

After going into a Twitter chat with Alicia Keys, the rapper made a bold statement about a Verzuz battle that left many people debating. “It’s not a chance in h— that anyone can stand on that stage with me,” Jay-Z said in the chat.

Since then, fans and rappers have been calling out Jay-Z, and he recently was offered another challenge from a surprising name.

Kodak Black called out the rap mogul on Twitter and made some stipulations if the two were ever face off in a battle.

“I’ll do a versus with Jay Z ‘IF’ he win he get 15% of my catalog ! I win he make me Vice President of roc nation,” Black tweeted.

Not sure if that’s an even trade, or if Jay-Z would even consider going up against Black. Jay-Z has a catalog that goes all the way back to the 90s, while Black has only been in the rap game for a few years.

What do you think? Woud Black have better luck doing a Verzuz battle with somebody else that can match up to his catalog?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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