Florida Family demands answers after 13-year-old Florida boy dies in dirt bike crash during attempted traffic stop

A Florida 13-year-old died after his dirt bike crashed during an encounter with police. Now his family is demanding answers.

Stanley “SJ” Davis III was riding recklessly on his dirt bike Sunday afternoon when an officer with the Boynton Beach Police Department tried to pull him over for a traffic violation, ABC News reported. Surveillance video at a Chevron gas station captured the moment Davis filled up his dirt bike and spotted a police cruiser turning to the same station. The teen takes off, and the officer starts to trail him. There’s no audio alongside the video, which does not show the actual crash. According to police, the boy’s dirt bike went down “in the 800 block” of North Federal Highway during the attempted stop, killing Davis.

The police car was involved in the incident was “not equipped with a dashcam,” according to the Boynton Beach Police Department.

In a statement on Sunday, the Boynton Beach Police Department says “preliminary investigation indicates that the dirt bike operator was observed driving recklessly on Boynton Beach Boulevard. Officers attempted a traffic stop, and the dirt bike went down in the 800 block of North Federal Highway.”

Police Chief Michael G. Gregory says during a press conference Sunday, “I’ve not seen any evidence or heard any witness testimony that states that the officer’s vehicle came in contact with the dirt bike operator’s dirt bike.”

Davis’ family members blame the police for his death. They say he was killed while trying out the dirt bike he received as a Christmas gift.

“They chased him, chased him. He just panicked because he’s a kid. Chased him right to his damn grave, and figured he’s just another Black boy, ain’t nothing is going to be done,” the boy’s grandmother, Tina Hunter said. “That’s the prejudice of the Boynton Beach police that have been having problems for all these damn years.”

“Right now, it’s hard. He’s all I had. That’s my only child,” Davis’ mother Shannon Thompson said in a phone interview with ABC News. “Right now I’m just trying to be strong.”

“Great kid, honor roll kid, great football player, great big brother, loving son,” said the victim’s father, Stanley Davis Sr. “Just all around perfect kid. Never have an issue with him.”

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