Philadelphia Family Plans To File Lawsuit Against American Airlines After Being Kicked Off Flight With Newborn Baby

A Philadelphia family claims they were forced to get off their American Airlines flight with their 7-month old baby claims they are planning to pursue legal actions according to ABC 6. Allan Ali, Kamia Hoilett, and their newborn daughter were traveling back to Philadelphia on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina when the incident took place. A viral video shows a flight attendent having an argument with the couple while H was holding their baby.

In a now-viral video, a flight attendant can be seen having an argument with them while Hoilett was holding their baby.  The audio shows, the family was being instructed to get their things and get off the flight.

The altercation reportedly started when the couple got out of their seats to let a white man passenger, who came late, to get to his seat. The man was accompanied by a flight attendant while they walked by the aisle. Ali says he recalled the flight attendant aggressively telling them, “Y’all have to get up.”

They obliged, however, because the attendant was blocking the aisle, they could not move. Hoilett says if she could move to allow extra room, the attendant apparently replied, “Is this going to be a problem?”

The flight attendant continued treating them rudely, ordering them to sit down and fasten their seatbelt, prompted Kamia to tell the attendant that she didn’t like how she spoke to her. That’s when the attendant left to report the issue to the captain.

The family was removed from the flight right before departure. The family was rebooked on a later flight, which was a big inconvenience as they had to wait at the airport for several hours. Allan says they will file an official complaint regarding the unfair treatment they went through. The American Airlines issued a statement saying they are “actively looking” into the incident, according to Travel Noire.

“Our values demand that all customers are treated fairly and with respect, and we find the video posted by the family concerning. We have reached out to the customers involved to understand their experience, and are seeking additional information from other passengers on board and team members who were present. This matter has our full attention, and we will take appropriate action as necessary,” it said.

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