Dennis Rodman confronted by police over refusing to wear mask

Dennis Rodman (Photo credit: Bang Media)

If there is anything that we learned from Dennis Rodman over the years, it’s that he’s going to do whatever he wants.

On Dec. 20, 2021, TMZ reported that Rodman was on a flight from California to Florida, and he had to be spoken to several times about how he was wearing his mask. Allegedly, Rodman continued to pull his mask down, which is something you can’t do on flights.

Rodman told the attendants that he had problems breathing while wearing the mask.

When Rodman landed in Florida, he was confronted by deputies from the sheriff’s office who questioned him about the ordeal on the flight. He reportedly complied with the deputies and was let go.

With the rise of COVID cases in the United States throughout December, it will be a good idea to keep your mask on while traveling. Hopefully, Rodman learned an important lesson.

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