Lecrae and 1K Phew save souls with ‘street gospel’ messages

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Reach Records is preparing to kick 2022 into high gear as the 116 hip-hop collective will head out on tour of North and South America next year.  The crew of gospel rappers includes the likes of Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Gawvi, 1K Phew and a few more spiritual warriors who will release new material from the label next year as well. Lecrae and 1k Phew just linked up for their new joint project, No Church In A While, as they lead the charge to encourage walking a righteous path.

The two MCs speak about an array of topics from snitching, serving prison time, getting shot and how divine intervention played a part in them finding God and leaving the streets. Telling the other side of the story, they forgo the usual glamorized tales of cars, women and money in trap music, and discuss the reality of the streets and the real life downfalls with tracks like “Move” and “Blockhead.”

The duo also manages to slip the word in through the rhymes and the listener forgets they’re listening to a gospel album. 1k Phew checked in with rolling out to discuss the new project.

The album is not preachy at all but seems to meet people just where they are.

That’s how we [going to] really save the streets to be real. These young boys see all these dope boys pull up in these cars and having this money and they [are] confident in what they doing. I had to be confident too. My job is to bring that authenticity out from the church. At first, I was trying to run from the gospel rap title but with me coming from the streets and having that real authentic message, my music is really about where I come from. I had to embrace that gospel rap title because it’s a lot of people who don’t have that confidence or that sauce to pop it in that way.

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