Uber Eats, Eats Okra and Goodr help Black restaurants recover from pandemic

Shivram Vaideeswaran, global head of delivery marketing at Uber Eats, center, and Jasmyne Crowe, CEO of Goodr, on the right. (Photo by Terry Shropshire for rolling out)

Radio personality Kenny Burns was having a moment after he bit down on a lemon pepper wet pizza offered by Phew’s Pizza during the 404 Launch at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta.

Phew’s Pizza introduced the throng of urban sophisticates in attendance to its unique approach to Neapolitan pizza that otherwise wouldn’t have happened without the collaborative efforts of Uber Eats, Eat Okra, Goodr and Black and Mobile companies. They along with Operation HOPE celebrated Atlanta’s 250 Black restaurateurs in the aftermath of the pandemic while offering holistic ways to increase their brand recognition and foot traffic.

Kenny Burns bites down on a lemon pepper pizza at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta. (Photo by Terry Shropshire for rolling out)

The pandemic has wreaked unprecedented havoc on American commerce and society. This can be crystallized in the path of the destruction that COVID-19 carved through the restaurant industry, leaving shuttered eateries in its wake.

Many Black restaurants are still in recovery in 2021, and Uber Eats felt this event and venue enabled prospective consumers to discover new Black proprietors, sample their culinary masterpieces, and drive traffic in their direction to foster sustainability and growth.

Radio personality Kenny Burns salutes restaurateurs at 404 Launch in Atlanta (Photo by Terry Shropshire for rolling out) 

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