Wesley Hamilton Receives $1M Donation for Nonprofit Focused On Bettering the Livelihood of Those Facing Disabilities

Wesley Hamilton founded the nonprofit Disabled But Not Really after being shot twice in the abdomen. After the shooting he became paralyzed he recently got  a donation of $1 million during an appearance on “Good Morning America.

DBNR, an organization that aims to provide equal access to the underserved disabled community via fitness, wellness and mental health, got the donation from the Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, a fellow nonprofit that’s “committed to changing the world for those living with spinal cord injuries,” according to its official website.

On GMA, Hamilton was told to spin the wheel that displayed various donation amounts. After landing on $40,000 then $100,000, host T.J. Holmes told the man that regardless what number he landed on, he was going to be given $1 million.

The Kansas City resident’s life was drastically changed following his spinal cord injury. At 24, he was shot in the back and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Hamilton  battled depression and contemplated taking his own life before creating his organization. But with the thought of his daughter Nevaeh, the single father told the news outlet. Hamilton and DBNR  now work on “providing equal access to the underserved disabled community through fitness, wellness, and mental health.”

Hamilton thanked the foundation for its donation, “It’s always been about the people we’ve been serving. I’m grateful…This doesn’t seem real. If you know my story, you know where I come from, it doesn’t seem real, but it gives my people hope and that’s all I wanted,” he said.

“We just launched a mobile gym and our plan is to take what we’ve been doing and spread it across the country,” he added. Hamilton’s daughter described her father as her “superhero.” The young girl said, not only has her father helped her but he “motivates me. My dad is literally the most amazing person I know.”

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