DaBaby and Dani Leigh Trend Online Following Heated Instagram Lives And Exchanges

DaBaby and Dani Leigh Trend Online Following Heated Instagram Lives And Exchanges – The Shade Room

Whew! Sunday evening proved to be less than joyous for DaBaby and Dani Leigh as the former lovers invited the world into their personal business. While the internet received confirmation that the pair share a three-month old daughter, it came with some heated moments. One live unraveled into a series of shots thrown at each other via Instagram. The moments immediately began trending on Twitter late into the night, even spilling over into Monday morning.

The night began with DaBaby speaking on Dani Leigh’s live from behind the camera. The live feed instantly registered as a heated interaction with Dani Leigh sitting on one side of the bed feeding their never-publicly-seen baby girl. She shouts explicit language at him, while he calls her “crazy girl” and “coo coo for cocoa puffs.”

The live abruptly ends and shortly afterwards DaBaby posted a statement to his Instagram Story. In the post, he clarifies that the last hour of their interaction was recorded for his “safety and business done based on [his] reputation.” He says Dani refuses to let him go and alleges he’s been “beat on and yelled at and chased around.” He says that he doesn’t want to press charges, just wants her peacefully removed from what appears to be his penthouse in Charlotte.

“Hate shawty went out that way but that ain’t my business,” DaBaby wrote. “I’m a father first always, and always will be.”

He ended his statement by reassuring readers that he wrote the words himself.

In this live clip, Dani Leigh interacts with law enforcement called to the property. She’s heard refusing to answer their questions about the situation.

In addition to her live, Dani Leigh posted with her own statements on the matter to her Instagram Story. Her first statement alleges that they’ve been living together for three months since the birth of their daughter. She says he came home on Sunday night and asked her to leave his home and stay at a hotel. She alleges that he became upset because she ordered a Plan B pill to his condo following unprotected sex. Additionally, she makes accusations of DaBaby wanting to have sexual relationships with the other mothers of his children.

Dani Leigh followed up her initial post with another statement. She threatens to post content contradicting his statements to her about them having just “a love affair.”

Moment later, Dani Leigh goes on Instagram live once again. This time she appears highly emotional with tears in her eyes as she gives her perspective of the situation. She explains having genuine love for DaBaby since their initial meeting three years.

Later, she made a post alleging that DaBaby is using the situation to promote his tour and music. She calls him a “lame,” while encouraging people to stream his songs ‘Sticked Up’ and ‘Levels,’ which she says was written about her.

Meanwhile, DaBaby seemingly addressed the situation with a shady post to his story. He doesn’t name Dani, but shows the movie posters for ‘A Thin Line Between Love & Hate’ and ‘Get Out.’

DaBaby also took to his Instagram with a short video clip addressing the situation as some “Hollywood sh*t.”

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