‘Nei, My Hope for You’ by Keaomee Horne

I wrote Nei, My Hope for you out of love and necessity. I am a mother to a young girl trying to maneuver her way through life. When I first started to write the book “Nei” she was in 1st or 2nd grade, she is now in 5th grade and the same applies today. I saw things happening with children her age that I wanted to tell/ show her how to handle her self in certain situations and what their young behavior really meant. I saw the same old happenings that boys and girls had gone through from when I was growing up.
The inter actions with children during the younger years can be very important to a child’s mental growth. I wanted to tell her and children like her, all the things that I had learned and all the like inter actions that all children go through and to give her and other children something to help them navigate through life. I wanted her to know her feelings matter, that all children go through something in life that can alter them and that she will always have support. So “Nei” the book was formed.
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