The First President of Nigeria Benjamin Azikiwe Was A Member of Phi Beta Sigma

Were you aware that the first President of Nigeria was a member of Phi Beta Sigma? Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe pledged the Mu Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe served as the first President of Nigeria after it was given independence from Great Britain in 1960. He is known as “Zik” and is known as the father of Nigerian Nationalism. He was the driving force behind the independence of Nigeria from Great Britian.

He transferred from Howard to Lincoln University to receive his B.A. in Political Science. He simultaneously received his master’s degree in Religion from Lincoln University and his master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. He became a member of the Nigerian Youth Movement which sparked his political career. He later became governor-general before being named President of Nigeria in 1963.

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