Yashi BIN pens latest book ‘The Unfolding’ to help others think and grow

Yashi BIN (Photo courtesy of Yashi BIN)

Yashi BIN is a holistic sister who has her hands in several endeavors. Yashi BIN is the CEO and founder of an online life coaching service, YashisWorld LLC. As a life coach, BIN uses the guidance of tarot cards, personal experience and spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship to assist clients with everything from finding or creating their dream job to attracting the love they deserve.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, the Detroit native, who now resides in Atlanta, has recently published her third book, The Unfolding. According to BIN, her latest book is a collection of expressive poetry that addresses poverty, gentrification, religion, trauma, divorce, relationships and the Black experience as a woman.

Rolling out caught up with the writer to find out what inspired her latest book.

What inspired you to write The Unfolding?
I was encouraged by my master teacher Wyoma to journal three-minute writings daily for healing, eventually they became poems. I began to recollect my dream at age 8 to one day become a poet.

What is the story behind the title?
I titled this book The Unfolding because with each poem I wrote, I became bolder with my self-expression which affected every area of my life. Growing up, it was easier to conform. I wanted to avoid being different.

What should readers expect from the book?
When people read this book, expect to “think” about what you believe in! I’ve always admired artists who say things to make me question my own thought process, which initiates change. I’m all about growth and that doesn’t happen without being challenged.

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