Texas High School principal apologizes after making remarks students, parents considered racist

A Texas High School principal is facing backlash after his comments about students attire were deemed racist by parents and students. During an 90s throwback event students said their principal made them feel like they were navigating through the Civil Rights era according to Click 2 Houston.

In a video captured by students, Oak Ride High School principal, Anthony LiVechhi, is heard saying, “It’s embarrassing. It’s frustrating. You got people taking pictures (and) posing like they’re Dr. Dre from the 90s. Doesn’t make our school look good.”

The comments outraged some students and parents.

“(It’s) kind of downplaying on the way my mom and dad dressed when they were in school,” senior student Nekia Baker said.

“The analogy of comparing us to Dr. Dre was used to bring us down and to degrade the way we were dressing and to degrade our school spirit and our 90s day,” junior student Nia Dixon said.

Dr. Dre is a grammy award-winning rapper who became famous in the late 80s and early 90s and was announced as one of this year’s halftime Superbowl performers.

“I run track. I have some records for the school, and when we were walking by, he said y’all look like criminals. I’m like, how is us dressing and expressing predominantly 90s and 2000s Black culture equated to being a criminal?” asked student Trinidad Robinson. Activist Quanell X was joined by parents for a meeting with school officials. About 100 students sat and kneeled in solidarity during the meeting. After the meeting, LiVecchi apologized.

“I love you all. That’s not how you need to be treated. It won’t happen again,” LiVecchi said.

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