Chris Rock Resurfaces After Battling COVID

Comedian Chris Rock is back in good spirits after a nasty battle with COVID-19 Coronavirus. He told fans back in September that he had been sick, encouraging them to get vaccinated while insinuating that he was down bad. “Hey guys, I just found out I have COVID. Trust me, you don’t want this. Get vaccinated,” he tweeted on September 19th.

The “I Think I Love My Wife” star took to the stage at Robert Glasper’s “Robtober” residency at the icon Blue Note Jazz Club on Sunday, 10/3, to let fans know how he is doing following his bout with the virus.

“I’m back from the dead! I had COVID. I had MF’ingg COVID. Goddamnit!” he said in his signature cadence. According to Page Six, Chris Rock showed up at the concert accompanied by fellow comedian Dave Chappelle. The pair decided on a whim to get on stage and introduce their friend Glasper according to those in attendance.

In true Chris Rock fashion, he attempted to make light of his time with virus. “It wasn’t quite as hard as being black, but it was close. That’s why everyone’s trying to avoid it, man,” Rock joked. He revealed he got it while filming a movie about Civil Rights. Chappelle quipped, “That’s a noble way to get COVID.” While appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show back in May, he joked that he was “two-shots Rock” after receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot. “That’s the food stamps of vaccines,” he joked.

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