Black Couple Plans To Become The First Black Owned Publicly Traded Quick Service Restaurant Franchise

Waleed and Dr. Quiana Shamsid-Deen have plans to scale Supreme Foods Franchising Inc. The pair made a bid to become the first Black-owned publicly traded quick-service restaurant franchise, according to a news release. The couple founded Supreme Fish Delight in 1980 and was one of the first Black-owned franchises in America.

The Atlanta-based company is now offering a Reg CF, a crowdfunding campaign through Investors will become part as an owner in a holding company with a $20 million pre-money evaluation.

“We are business owners who believe in building opportunities for our community through entrepreneurship and job creation,” CEO Waleed Shamsid-Deed said. “Supreme Foods wants to do more than survive; we want to be a thriving enterprise but we cannot do that without the community’s help. The only way to get there is together. ”

Dr. Quiana M. Shamsid-Deen says, “Economists project that African Americans will be at zero net wealth by the year 2053, and it will take us 228 years to catch up to the wealth of whites. We do not have 228 years to close the racial wealth gap; crowdfunding presents an opportunity to help us become a prototype solution now. It’s about building the tables, not just waiting on seats. ”

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