George Floyd, John Lewis sculptures unveiled in New York park

George Floyd sculpture (Photo credit: Jarrett Robertson)

A striking public art installation that features wooden sculptures of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and John Lewis was unveiled in Union Square Park in New York on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Created by artist Chris Carnabuci, the installation is the largest social justice art project in New York City.

John Lewis sculpture (Photo credit: Jarrett Robertson)

In an interview with ABC7, Carnabuci said, “The exhibition is [titled] ‘See Injustice.’ In one way or another, each of these individuals saw injustice.”

Each of the statues weighs nearly 1,000 pounds and is skillfully crafted of 200 thinly-cut slices of African Mahogany, then topped with a coat of bronze paint.

Terrance Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, also attended the presentation.

Breonna Taylor sculpture (Photo credit: Jarrett Robertson)

“This is the first time there’s been a sculpture like this in NYC, usually it’s a mural on a wall, so change is here, change is here,” Floyd told ABC7.

He said the installation is a reminder for people to stay active in the fight for civil rights and racial justice.

The sculptures will be on display through the end of October as part of New York City’s Art in the Parks program and then travel to different cities throughout the country. In the end, they will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charities that are affiliated with each of the three figures.
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