Black Google Employee Explains How He Was Mistaken for a Trespasser At Work And Stopped by Security

An employee at Google alleges he was stopped by company security after someone reported a possible trespassing incident. In a now-viral tweet shared to Twitter last week, Angel Onuoha, wrote that he was riding his bike “around Google’s campus and somebody called security on me because they didn’t believe I was an employee.”

The associate product manager at Google said that he “had to get escorted by two security guards to verify my ID badge.” In a follow up post shared on Sept. 22, Onuoha says there were several inquiries in his DMs “asking for the full story.”

“They ended up taking my ID badge away from me later that day and I was told to call security if I had a problem with it,” Onuoha alleged.

“And that was after holding me up for 30 minutes causing me to miss my ride home.”

Onuoha did say where the incident took place. However his LinkedIn profile says, he works at Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters.

A spokesperson from Google told Forbes they are taken the incident “very seriously” and that are going to get in contact with Onuoha, who they say “was having issues with his badge due to an administrative error and contacted the reception team for help.” They later explained that “after they were unable to resolve the issue, the security team was called to look into and help resolve the issue.”

“More broadly, one step we’ve taken recently to decrease badging incidents is to make clear that employees should leave investigating these kinds of access concerns to our security team. Our goal is to ensure that every employee experiences Google as an inclusive workplace and that we create a stronger sense of belonging for all employees,” the statement said.

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