Woman accused of telling couple to ‘stay in their hood’ in NYC dog park

A woman allegedly assaulted a Black couple at a dog park in New York City after saying for them to stay in their hood. Part of the incident and assault was captured on video by author Frederick Joseph, who posted it on Twitter alleging that the attack stemmed from the woman confusing his dog with another dog who was barking loudly.

The video shows the woman flipped Joseph off before trying to knock his camera out of his hand. Shen accused Joseph of doing something to her, but that part of the video isn’t clear. Joseph says that he and his fiancé were walking their dog in the park when the woman began yelling “river, come on” towards their dog.  Towards the end of the video, Joseph asked a bystander to confirm that the woman told them to stay in their hood, and the bystander said “she did.”

As of now, there have been no updates in regards to whether or not charges are being pursued.

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