Memphis woman says she miscarried after violent arrest captured on video

Memphis woman arrested by Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies was captured on cell phone video in 2020 is speaking about what happened. Kesha Gray says deputies violated several of her civil rights alleging the arrest led to a miscarriage.  “I feel like i was being stripped of my dignity,” Gray told FOX13. Gray has filed a lawsuit against Shelby County and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies who arrested her. Gray’s lawsuit claims she endured excessive force and unlawfully arrested and detained without reasonable suspicion or probable cause according to news station.


p class=”default__StyledText-xb1qmn-0 iyJUDd body-paragraph”>“I feel like there are two justice systems,” she said. “There are two Americas and I immediately became a part of that other America.”

On March 29, 2020, Grey and her fiancé were driving around looking at real estate for sale. Grey says she and her fiancé got into an argument and she asked him to pull over and let her out of the car to walk.

A witness called 9111 to report her as a victim of domestic assault.

The lawsuit claims the witness concocted an elaborate story that described an attempted kidnapping that involved extreme physical violence.

“I explained to the officer that this was a misunderstanding. I was okay. At that point, he wanted to take a report, and I said I can’t make a report that did not happen,” Gray told FOX13.

The lawsuit filed by Donati Law claims the deputies said anytime, they must file a report. However, Grey refused. The deputy says he asked for her name, but she refused.

“I did not identify myself because I did not want to make something into nothing. It was not that serious,” Gray said.

The lawsuit alleges Grey was tackled in the street, handcuffed, all while saying she wasn’t being detained and ultimately causing her miscarrying.

“I could have been Auhmaud Aubery, Breonna Taylor George Floyd, but I’m still here,” she said.

Grey was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing traffic, resisting official detention, and two counts of assault on the deputies. A judge has dismissed all the charges.

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