Kelly Price speaks out after COVID-19 battle after it was alleged she had gone missing

In an interview with TMZ, the Grammy-nominated singer Kelly Price revealed that she had “flatlined” while doctors attempted to save her life. Price spoke out on Sunday after days of concerns over her safety after was believed to be missing after a recent COVID-19 hospitalization.

The singer made news headline in recent days when a welfare check at her Georgia home caused police classifying her as a missing person. Price’s family, specifically her sister says they hadn’t heard from her since she was discharged from the hospital after the virus. Despite her representatives releasing public statements assuring that she was alive and recovering, Price’s sister, Shanrae Price, had suspicion about her safety.

“I’m just asking everybody to pray,” Shanrae told the Larry Reid Live radio show on Friday. “I understand the attorney is stating that my sister is okay. We don’t know anything until we physically see her.”

In an on-camera interview with TMZ, the 48-year-old revealed that during her hospitalization she had “flatlined” while the doctors tried to save her.

“At some point they lost me. I woke up a couple of days and the first thing I remember was the doctors standing around me asking me if I knew what year it was,” Kelly Price recalled of the horrifying moment. When the interviewer asked Price to explain what she meant by “they lost me,” she clarified: “I died.”

Price says that she had been battling COVID-19 for about a week before she was hospitalized. Her husband worked with her doctor virtually to treat her from home until her symptoms worsen. “My temperature had raised to 103 [degrees] and my breathing was extremely shallow,” said Price.

Price’s near-death experience with COVID-19 ended with her life spared, she told TMZ that she is not yet out of the woods. “I have what is called long COVID and I am facing a very uphill battle right now,” Kelly said, before trailing off in tears. “I suffered a lot of internal damage and so I have a lot of rehabbing to do before I am able to be concert-ready again.”

Price reflected on the year she had during the pandemic, having lost her grandmother to COVID-19. Now, Price says, she is now focused on herself and her recovery journey.

Kelly explained why she was not at her home when authorities came to conduct the welfare check, revealing that she left her residence because fans were coming to the property ringing the door bell and leaving things at her doorstep. “I literally left my house maybe a week ago because I couldn’t rest there,” she said. “I turned off everything.”

Kelly Price also disputed claims made by her sister, “It hasn’t been two months since I’ve seen my sister. It’s been a year,” she explained. “I haven’t been in the same room as her since my mother’s funeral. Prior to that we hadn’t seen each other all pandemic long. That’s not new for us. We’ve been strained for a very long time.”

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