Video Shows HBCU Professor Holding Student’s Baby Who Needed a Babysitter To Attend The Class

An HBCU professor has gone viral for helping one of his students in need. A viral video shows Professor Aqeel Dix, Ph.D., a health sciences professor at Lincoln University, as he holds a student’s baby while teaching the class is being celebrated. The student needed a babysitter to attend class, therefore, the professor stepped in to help.

“It Takes A Village….When my students need me, I’m there,” Dix posted. “Student came to me and said Dr. Dix I’m going to miss class. My reply, was why…She then says I don’t have a babysitter. I said yes you do, bring him to class I’ll take care of him. I always say, we as educators are more than our title. I will never have a student miss class because they have no one to keep their kids. I will hold Dr.Dix daycare in the back of my class before I allow them to miss class. Days like this makes me fall in love with what I do.”

The video was taken in January 2020, however, the video has recently resurfaced. People have been touched by the video leaving comments.

“Beautiful and impactful! Much respect Had a professor who did something very similar for me when my daughter was a few months old and I was in grad school and I will forever respect and love her for it!” a commenter said.

“The epitome of a ‘BEAUTIFUL SOUL’. I love teachers like you,” someone wrote. “Keep setting the bar high! We need more human beings like you,” another person added.

“This is great brother. You have made a difference in someone life,” another person continued.

Dix has been a professor at Lincoln University since 2015. While he didn’t know he was being filmed, he says he signed up as a professor to make an impact.

“I go above and beyond for all of them,” he says. I[‘ve] bought groceries, I picked [a student] up when he was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. That’s just who I am. And so I understand the plight of single parents … they tackle school and work. It’s a lot to carry. It’s hard for someone who does not have children to take care of to go to school and be successful.”

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