Aaliyah’s self-titled album is available on streaming services

Aaliyah's self-titled album

Aaliyah (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / Everett Collection)

It’s been a long time coming. Twenty years after its release, Aaliyah’s self-titled album is finally available on streaming services. With a lineup of classic songs like “Rock the Boat,” “More Than a Woman” and “Try Again,” Aaliyah was the singer’s third and final studio album before her tragic death.

The release comes right on the heels of the re-release of One In a Million, which dropped last month, and after multiple failed efforts to make her music available for streaming. The beloved singer’s albums are finally available on streaming services because of the distribution deal that Blackground Records –  Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson’s label – signed with Empire. The deal made it possible for her last two albums and several coveted singles to finally be released.

“As the owner of Aaliyah’s catalog and label Blackground Records, I want to thank you all for allowing One In A Million to chart No. 3 in the world,” Hankerson wrote in a recent Instagram post. “I cannot take the credit for managing Aaliyah as that was never a title I held. That title belonged to Diane Haughton and her husband who managed Aaliyah from the start of her career until her passing. I want to thank Diane, Aaliyah’s manager, for allowing and choosing Blackground Records to become her label.”

Listen to the late singer’s eponymous album now on streaming platforms.
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