DNA Expert Reveals R&B Singer R. Kelly’s Semen Was Found On 16-Year-Old Jerhonda Pace’s Blue Shirt During Trial Testimony

For the last two weeks, R. Kelly’s sex trafficking trial has revealed to the world some of the most disturbing testimonies from the singer’s alleged victims spanning over 25 years.

Jerhonda Pace was a huge fan of R. Kelly. In fact, the 15-year skipped school to attend R. Kelly’s child pornography trial back in 2008. Pace didn’t believe the singer was guilty of the charges and eventually met the singer before being invited to his home at 16.

Pace revealed she lied to R. Kelly about her age during her trial testimony, claiming she was 19 when she was only 16. After coming clean with the R&B singer about her age, Jerhonda Pace claims R. Kelly told her to lie and tell people she was 19 but act like she’s 21.

Later in the testimony, it was revealed that R. Kelly’s semen was found on Pace’s blue shirt on the day she claimed R. Kelly choked her until she passed out.

While testifying, Pace detailed the singer became very upset with her after walking into a room and not acknowledging him. Pace claims R. Kelly slapped and choked her until she passed out, and when she woke up, the singer spat in her face and made her perform oral on him.

Pace decided to keep the shirt and handed it over to the police as evidence. DNA expert Yongfei Wu testified in court that the DNA on the blue shirt matched R. Kelly’s DNA, after obtaining a cheek swab from the singer.

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