Detroit Couple Celebrates 75 Years Of Marriage, They Credit Communication As The Reason To A Long Marriage

A Detroit couple recently celebrated 75 years of marriage, crediting good communication as the reason to a long marriage according to


p class=”_yeti_done”>Albert Green met his wife Myrtle 80 years ago, when the two were only 13 years old. Albert says for him it was love at first sight, but he says he can’t remember what attracted her to him at first.

“Whatever it was, it’s still there,” the 93-year-old told news outlet.

Six years later after they first met, the pair would get married and later have four children together. The couple built a business together operating Green’s Varitey Store for 55 years, later retiring in 2015. Some couples struggle to coexists in a working environment, but the Greens said it was easy for them.

“We could work together forever,” 94-year-old Myrtle said.

The pair celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary with neighbors, family, and friends. There was a honking car parade and a virtual party where 100+ guests attended.

“It was something I’ll never forget,” Myrtle said. After the celebration, the couple was interviewed about the secret to love and a healthy marriage.

“We don’t argue,” Albert said, adding that they’ve never had arguments in front of their kids.

“You have to call things out and be on the same page. Be honest and talk things out if you can. We’ve always been able to do that,” Myrtle said.

The Greens’ youngest daughter, Alecia Green, said she has greatly benefitted from her parent’s relationship.

“Communication is so huge, and I think that’s where people often fall short because life is so fast, and we don’t take the time to communicate. It has been a tremendous blessing to watch my parents and to still have them in my life,”  Alecia said.

The couple also added that they enjoy being around each other and never get bored.

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