6 things to never say on a 1st date

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Many women have a disastrous first date story. You get excited and put on your best dress, everything is going well, dinner has just arrived, and just as you think maybe your date is all right, they open their mouth and ruin it. Here are six things to never say on a first date.

“My ex used to …”
This is the easiest way to have someone running for the hills. The perfect way to ruin a good first impression is to dampen the mood by telling your date how awful your ex was to you, or even worse how they were the best. Although past experiences and relationships are a conversation to have with someone you’re looking to be involved with, that conversation has no place on a first date. By striking up this conversation all you’re doing is letting your date know that you either, are not over your ex or your ex did a number on you and that baggage will be their job to unpack in a relationship.

“How many people have you slept with?”
This question is much too intrusive for the first date or any time for that matter. Why would anyone want to give their personal information to a complete stranger? By asking this question you are not only invading your date’s privacy, but you are assuming they have plans of possibly being intimate with you, which may not be the case, and definitely isn’t now that you asked.

“So, why are you single?”
This is a lot to unpack on the first date. Besides, what’s wrong with being single? This question makes it seem like one cannot be single by choice. Although this question is usually meant to be somewhat of a compliment it is very rarely taken as one.

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