Rapper Quavo Pays His Assistant $5,000 A Day, Claims His Personal Assistant Is A Millionaire Making $1.8 Million A Year

Rapper Quavo of the award-winning acclaimed group Migos is about to have many on the Internet considering changing their careers! The rapper has recently taken to Instagram to give some love and light to a member of his team while sharing the amount that they make, and social media wants to know how they can be down.

Quavo took to Instagram on Wednesday with a snapshot of himself and another man who is identified as Joshua Washington. In the photo, Washington, whose Instagram account was tagged as @jwaash_, can be seen holding an umbrella over Quavo while they are on what looks to be a trail. What has fans enticed is the information that Quavo shared in his caption of the photo.

“5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire,” wrote the Migos rapper. In the comment section, Washington declared his appreciation to Quavo writing “love you unc!”. According to Washington’s bio, he not only serves as the personal assistant to Quavo, but he is also the operations manager for Quavo’s record label, Huncho Records. Quavo also went as far as to reiterate the love on his Instagram Stories, stamping how much he pays Washington.

Having been a member of one of the most successful groups of all time, as well as being a co-writer to many chart-topping singles, it’s not far-fetched for Quavo to be able to pay Washington this much for his services. Much like Washington, others before him have entered the industry via the same avenue and made a massive name for themselves.

Back in 2001, a young man by the name of Derek Watkins, who many would come to affectionately know as Fonzworth Bentley, took the media by storm after a picture was seen of him holding a white umbrella over Diddy. Clad in extremely dapper high fashion, Bentley was known as Diddy’s personal assistant for a while before graduating to television show appearances on MTV’s Making The Band and others.

According to a New York Times interview, it was Diddy who christened Watkins with the name Fonzworth Bentley, and life changed for him ever since. Since then, Bentley has released his own album and also has amassed songwriting credits as well on songs for Kanye’s Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo albums.

Bentley has also become a New York Times Bestseller and has appeared in films such as Honey, Idlewild, and Fat Albert. He is also married to actress Faune Chambers, from White Chicks.

Could you see yourself being a personal assistant? Check out some reactions on social media below.

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