“I Love My Son, He Came Out My Cooch”: SWV’s Coko Defends Son’s Sexuality, Says She Will Not Beat Him or Throw Him On The Alter For Liking Men

SWV’s Coko is letting it be known that she loves her song despite his sexual orientation. The sweet and funny moment went viral yesterday after Coko opened up in an interview about her youngest son social media influencer Jayye Michael. The mom and son are quiet the pair and have gotten a lot of love from people who appreciate their bond. Coko gave them more reason to love them yesterday when she opened up about how she knew her son was gay and why she knew she would love him regardless.

Back in May Coko opened up about a horrible incident she witness ahead of her performance in the SWV & Xscape Verzuz. Some has criticized her performance that night claiming she seemed off. She confessed that she indeed was. “Last night as I’m preparing for Verzuz, a lady was shot outside my hotel window. To see & hear the four shots, see her laying on the ground and all the blood was unbelievable!!”

She went on to add, “Thennnn…I get to the venue and had a really bad anxiety attack! Literally crying & screaming. Yeah y’all saw me looking uncomfortable & irritated during the first half but, if it wasn’t for my son @jayyemichael @ynottamiya & @mrljb I probably wouldn’t have been out there at all. Thank you for calming me down & understanding my mental. I love y’all to the fullest!! I always say most won’t care to understand but when you get those that do cherish them!!” 

To hear how close her and her son are and how his presence helped calm her down during such a stressful event, it was obvious the two have a great relationship. During an online interview she talks about how she knew her son was gay and felt it was not her job to tell him, but instead to let him figure it out on his own and be supportive. She goes on to say that she prays for her kids regardless and supports them no matter what. Not to mention he holds a special place in her heart because she was only in labor for 30mins. “He came out of my cooch” she proclaimed.

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