Grandmother Of Two Children Found In Trunk Pleading To Have Both Of Her Daughters Charged & Put To Sleep

A Baltimore grandmother is speaking out against her daughters after it was discovered that they were responsible for her grandchildren’s deaths. The shocking story has left many confused and upset, as it features a family clearly torn by turmoil and loss. The grandmother recently spoke to new sourced where she opened up about the tragedy and what she hopes becomes of the children’s mother and aunt, both her daughters.

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Michelle Johnson is the woman in question. Her two daughter are currently being charged with the deaths of her two grandchildren. Her daughter is Nicole Johnson. Nicole was recently pulled up during a routine traffic stop. It was during this stop that they police discovered the bodies of two kids in the trunk.

The bodies were of Nicole’s niece and nephew, 5 year old Larry O’Neal and his 7 year old sister Joshlyn Johnson. “This is a horrific incident. As a parent myself these are difficult details for me to comprehend,” said Baltimore County executive Johnny Olszewski.

The bodies were reportedly 20-30lbs underweight when discovered. Even more terrifying is that the bodies had been dead for almost a year. She was driving around with them in a suitcase. “One of the kids essentially disappears for a year and a half and nobody seems to be trying to figure out where this kid is,” says Adam Rosenberg, who is with LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope.

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The woman’s mother has recently spoken out against her daughters. Michelle confesses to have been trying to find Larry and Joshlyn for the better part of the year to no avail. The kids were in her home during Christmas of 2019 before Nicole and her sister (the children’s biological mother) took them from the house.

She is heartbroken to know the truth of what happened and hoping that both her daughters pay the ultimate price for what they did to her grandchildren. “I love her, but I want her to pay with every soul in my bones. They can put her to sleep as far as I’m concerned. They can put them both to sleep,” said Michelle. “That’s what I want. I want both daughters to be equally charged because both are guilty.”

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