Pam Long From 90s Group Total Comes Out As An Ex-Lesbian Who Was Delivered By The Lord, Claims She’s No Longer In That Lifestyle

Pamela Long was the lead singer of 90’s girl group Total. The Bad Boy Records trio scored a number of hits before falling into an indefinite hiatus, during which time Pam gained a reputation for her drug abuse and wild behavior. BET has offered Pam a second chance to introduce herself to the world via their new series Encore. The show takes various women from different girl groups and puts them in a house together tasked with creating an album and live performance. During episode 2 of the show, Pam admits to dating women in the past, before telling her cast mates that she’s been delivered.

Pam has been very vocal on the new series about how her life has been turned around. She quickly became a matriarch in the house, even being crowd “queen” aka leader of the group when infighting already threaten to derail their goal. She admits that her new energy is a long way from who she used to be, saying at one point “its easy to be the light when all you’ve known is the darkness.”

Last fall Pam admitted to lying about abuse from her ex-husband Jamie Long in a scrapped reality show about her called “Pam’s World”. In an Instagram post about the matter, she said “[There was] a statement that I made from my show Pam’s world concerning my ex husband Jaime Long [and] how he forces himself on women. Today I regretfully recant that comment, because it was a lie. Jaime did not force himself on me sexually. I am sorry for the pain, stress and embarrassment that I caused Jaime.”

While on BET’s Encore she also came clean about her sexuality during an interaction with Aubrey O’Day where the Danity Kane alum rested her hand on Pam’s knee. Pam immediately stood up and asked the girls to respect her space going forward. She admitted to having romantic relationships with women in the past, something she no longer believes in due to her religion. She goes on to say she’s very aware of peoples perception and would not like to engage in any form of contact that would lead them to believe that she still is of that lifestyle.

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Kiely Williams of 3LW and Cheetah Girls admitted to being offended, herself confessing to being bisexual and feeling that Pam’s approach was homophobic. R&B singer Nivea seemed to agree, whispering under her breath “I am all types of sexuals.” Pam apologies but maintained that she had been saved by God and that the bible does not endorse homosexuality.

Fans took to twitter with their responses to Pam’s admission.

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