New Jersey 3-year-old mauled to death by family dog after falling out of window

A New Jersey three-year-old boy fell from a window at his home and then mauled by dogs in the backyard. The Elizabeth Police Department says the unnamed boy fell through the window screen of the South 5th Street Elizabeth home last week. The toddler was then attacked by the family’s dogs the yard. The child suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries, PEOPLE reports.

“The dogs were bad, the dogs, everybody was scared of the dogs. As soon as the baby fell, the dogs attack him,” neighbor Maria Rocha said. “Killed him, right then and there. Oh man, I didn’t sleep all night. My heart is broken. I didn’t sleep all night. I cannot believe this happened.”

Elizabeth health officials removed the dogs from the home, and the city is planning to euthanize the animals. A local animal control group reportedly took the dogs to another location.

“The dogs are currently quarantined, and the city is looking to have them euthanized. We have to wait until the investigation is complete,” a spokesperson for the City of Elizabeth told PIX11 News.

Prosecutors said no criminal charges have been filed as the investigation is ongoing.

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