Michigan 6-year-old shot in arm while getting bike from neighbor’s yard, suspect released on 10k bond

Michigan TV Reporter Faces Backlash For Asking 6-Year-Old Black Boy If It Hurt When Neighbor Allegedly Shot Him While the Boy Got His Bik

A suburban Detroit father is outraged after the man alleged of shooting his 6-year-old son through the front window of his home as the child got his bike from the neighbor’s yard. The man has been released after a judge gave him $10,000 bond.

Arnold Daniel says his 6-year-old son Coby doesn’t quite understand what danger he was in on June 5th.

“Right now, he’s not even processing what happened. He doesn’t realize how close he came to not being here … but I realize it,” Daniel said. Coby and his siblings were riding bikes outside their home when Coby left his bike in a neighbor’s yard.

The neighbor, identified as 29-year-old Ryan Le-Nguyen went out to his yard to get the bike and threatened the boy with a sledgehammer witnesses said. According to Daniel, Le-Nguyen said something to his son and Coby replied, but his not sure what he said.

“He tried hitting me with a sledgehammer but that’s not going to work because I’m too fast,” Coby told Fox 2.

Police said Le-Nguyen went back inside his home and shot a gun through the front window, hiiting Coby in the arm. Video of the incident was captured on a Ring camera shows a gunshot ring out before Coby yells.

“What?” another boy asked him.

“He shot me! He shot me!” Coby said.

“He’s bleeding, he got shot!” the older boy said. “Call the (expletive) police!”

“I know she didn’t just ask him did it hurt,” one commenter wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post about the incident. “I know he wanted to say ‘DUH TF,’” another added.

“She just asked child if a gunshot hurt,” another person wrote. “Rubbing me the wrong way that’s a child don’t look at our kids like they so tough that you’re insensitive and dehumanize like we don’t feel pain.”

Daniel said this isn’t the first time they’ve had issues with Le-Nguyen before saying that he once tried to throw away one of the his children’s bike.

Le-Nguyen was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. On Tuesday, Le-Nguyen was released after posting bond, for just $10,000. The prosecutor’s office said they requested $100,000 bond.

“I’m trying to figure out he got a bond so low for trying to kill my kid,” Daniel said. Le-Nguyen was ordered not to return home. However, Daniel said that’s not enough.

“I don’t know what he’s capable of,” he said. “I’m irate really, I can’t function.”

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