Jay-Z and Meek Mill Face Backlash After They Were Apart of Group Who Gave Billionaire Owner Robert Kraft A Bentley

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Face Backlash After They Were Apart of Group Who Gave New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft A Brand New Bentley

On June 5th Robert Kraft celebrated his 80th birthday, when he received a Bentley by rapper and business mogul Jay-Z, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, rapper Meek Mill and a few other celebrities. In a video, shared on social by Mill, Kraft is seen at his home with Rubin as he finds out that the blue sports vehicle is sitting in his driveway. Obviously shocked by the sight, Kraft says, “Oh my God…that’s exactly what –” as he clasps the sides of his face with his hands. Apparently, the mogul had been on the hunt for the vehicle, but had been unsuccessful at securing it himself.

“How the fudge did you get it? We couldn’t get it,” said Kraft. While Rubin walked the billionaire to his new whip which he replied, “We have resources.” Car aficionados suggest the rare Bentley is a Continental GT Convertible which has a base price is more than $222,000.

Some social media users were excited about the care, while others criticized Jay and Mill’s involvement in the expensive gift giving. “Jay want a team bad,” one person wrote.


The rapper hasn’t publicly spoken on the matter, however, has acknowledged a working relationship with Kraft. Jay, Rubin, Meek Mill and Kraft came together in 2019 with the launch of Reform Alliance — an organization working to transform laws surrounding parole and probation. Kraft visited Meek Mill while he was in jail saying “It makes it clear to me that we have to do something with criminal justice reform. His kind of case, in a situation like this, it’s really bad. I know some of our players in the NFL have talked about this and I see it firsthand; it’s just wrong. We have to find a way to correct it.”

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