Woman arrested after accidentally shooting her sister while on vacation

Photo credit: YouTube – WSVN TV

An Atlanta woman visiting south Florida is behind bars facing major charges after accidentally shooting her 18-year-old sister, according to WSVN-TV Channel 7.

Taniyria Holt, 24, is facing charges of culpable negligence that inflicts personal injury and improper exhibition of firearms.

The women were visiting the area for a weekend of fun. Unfortunately, the trip turned sour for Taniyria and her sister.

According to her arrest report, Holt, the victim, and two other women, were riding in a Jaguar SUV, Sunday, June 6, 2021, when Holt accidentally shot her 18-year-old sister Dre’naya Ponder in the head. Investigators believe it happened while they were filming a video for Instagram.

The weapon belonged to one of the other women in the vehicle, but Holt was holding it. Police initially thought the shooting was self-inflicted, but Taniyria waived her right to remain silent and admitted that she accidentally shot her sister. She also told officers there were four women in the vehicle recording themselves on Instagram while Holt was handling a 9mm handgun owned by another passenger, Ashley Burden.

Holt thought the gun was free of live rounds. She told police she meant to hand the firearm over to her sister who was sitting behind the driver, but “accidentally shot her.”

Police said Ponder was hit in the face and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center before being placed on life support.

Doctors do not expect her to survive her injuries and are awaiting the arrival of her family members from Georgia, police said.

According to a Facebook post from Miami Beach police on Monday, June 7, the initial 911 caller reported that the victim accidentally shot herself.

“We’ve learned the initial 911 information received alleging the gunshot wound was self-inflicted was not accurate,” Miami Beach police said in the post.

Authorities said Holt is expected to face a manslaughter charge and is being held without bond.
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