FDA Formally Approves New Drug To Fight Obesity

#Roommates, it’s well documented that the United States is the leading country when it comes to extremely high obesity rates. Health officials have been scrambling for decades to come up with a way to fight the obesity issue—and they may have just found the answer. According to new reports, a brand new weight loss drug called Wegovy, has just been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and is said to bring new hope to those who struggle with their weight.

@CBSNews reports, on June 4th, the FDA officially gave the green light to a new weight loss drug in the ongoing fight against obesity in the U.S. Wegovy is described as being ideal for individuals who are obese, overweight, and have at least one medical issue related to their current body weight. Over the course of a 16-month trial period, patients who used Wegovy reportedly lost an average of 17% of their current body weight. Although some of the reported side effects included diarrhea and nausea, those side effects subsided as the dose of Wegovy was gradually increased.

Additionally, the trial period also revealed that patients who stopped taking Wegovy gained back more than half of the weight they lost when they were taking it regularly. If you’re wondering how it works, Wegovy mimics a natural hormone in the body to regulate your appetite—which is why it’s been approved for long-term use among patients and recommended to be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Director of the Washington Center for Weight Management & Research, Dr. Domenica Rubio, spoke briefly about why she believes that Wegovy can finally stop the alarming obesity rates from continuing to rise.

“We have to think about obesity no different than hypertension, than high cholesterol, than diabetes. People who require 10%, 15%, 20% weight loss, we need tools. “These hormones actually affect signals in the brain. It really just doesn’t come down to willpower. It’s much more complicated. This physiology is very strong and it is not your fault,” Dr. Rubio said.

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