Ohio Walmart Employee Loses Job After Falsely Accusing a Black Woman of Stealing at Self-Checkout

An Ohio Walmart employee was fired after a Black woman alleged she was was racially profiled. Anternitia O’Neal told Fox 19 that she was shopping for groceries at a Walmart in Cincinnati when she says she was accused of stealing on May 18. When O’Neal got all her items she went to self-checkout to purchase her stuff. The now-former employee, approached and accused her of stealing claiming some of now-bagged items had not been scanned.

A verbal confrontation began and O’Neal asked the employee to get the store’s security and review the surveillance footage. Then another employee stepped in and attempted to get an understanding what was going on before she went to go view the footage.

O’Neal said she pleaded with the employee several times, that she had paid for all her items. “I just feel that words can’t even explain how belittled they made me feel, less of a human, and that’s unfair,” she told Fox 19. O’Neal recorded parts of the incident and shared it on her Facebook Live feed.

After security and management looked at the store’s video footage, they determined that O’Neal had paid for all of her items. O’Neal was refunded an additional item that was incorrectly charged after her items were rung up for a second time by the employee who accused her of stealing.

O’Neal was cleared, but she told the manager that the incident wouldn’t end there informing the manger that she was an activist whose son was killed by police. In 2017, O’Neal’s oldest son Dontez O’Neal was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop. There have been no officers charged in the shooting.

Then on June 3, O’Neal kept her promise and appeared along with several others and protested outside the Walmart. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the organizers weren’t flashing signs or chanting. However, they gathered together as O’Neal and Cory Brown, a member from the Anti-Police Brutality Coalition, talked with news outlets.

Walmart has since fired the unidentified employee, saying she was let go for not following the company guidelines related to the incident. Though the retailer apologized to O’Neal, she is reportedly seeking compensation for damages. Along with demanding that Walmart holds a bias and diversity training for all its employees.

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