Cassius Gems: 10 Very, Very Steamy Emily Ratajkowski Instagram Moments

Emily Ratajkowski at an L.A. beach with friends

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Emily Ratajkowski is going viral just as she celebrates her birthday today.

The supermodel and new mom hit Instagram with some photos from her bday vacation, in which she is seen holding her son, Sylvester Apollo, while posing for the camera. “Bday eve with the dream vacation partner,” she captioned the pictures, which some people apparently thought were very awkward.

“u know the anxiety you feel when you see little kids manhandling their pets? yea that’s how i feel about emily ratajkowski holding living things,” one critic tweeted, for example. Emily isn’t letting the comments get to her… those photos, and more, are still readily available on her Instagram feed, however she has turned her comments off. See here.

What we can say for sure is this: it’s obvious she loves her little guy.

That said, it’s the beauty’s 30th birthday and we definitely want to show her some love as she continues to grow into the mom and woman she’s meant to be. Check out some of her most seductive social media moments below… she’s sexy, she knows it, and we’re celebrating it.

1. Tantalizing in teal.

2. From the back.

3. Tan lines and tattoos.

4. A mirror moment.

5. Fresh-faced.

6. “Hi” from Emily’s butt.

7. Pretty woman.

8. Teasing the sun.

9. In jeans.

10. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

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