Meet The Singers Responsible For ‘The Reading Rainbow’s’ Iconic Theme Song


–> Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow!

The iconic television show ‘The Reading Rainbow’ premiered nearly four decades ago today on June 6, 1983, hosted by the incomparable Levar Burton. The half-hour children’s series ran for over 21 seasons with 155 episodes and received more than 200 awards, including a Peabody Award and 26 Emmy Awards.

The original theme song was written by Steve Horelick, Dennis Neil Kleinman, and Janet Weirwas and performed by singer and actress Tina Fabrique. In a historic television moment it featured the Buchla synthesizer for the first time in a TV theme song.
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Then, on January 3, 2000, legendary singer, Chaka Khan, rerecorded the theme song with the original lyrics.

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So, this Black Music History Month, we recognize the greatness of two women who sang the soundtrack to our childhood journey into being bibliophiles. 

We can’t wait to watch Burton hosting on Jeopardy!, but until then we will continue jamming out to this eternal book bop!

Happy Birthday, The Reading Rainbow!

Photo Credit: IMBD and Mental Floss

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