Pay Attention To Your Posture! The Pay Off Will Be Priceless

Since you were a child you have probably been told to sit up straight. Daily when you see people walking around with good posture it can be appealing, but there are more benefits than aesthetics. Posture is important whether you are laying down, standing, or sitting.

The spine has three different curves that need to be aligned correctly in order to evenly distribute your weight over your feet.

To achieve good posture your ear, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankles need to be aligned vertically from the side.

The average person isn’t walking around with great posture so it’s important to train yourself to maintain good posture to prevent straining other parts of your body. Good posture helps distribute the force of gravity throughout the body.

Bad posture can put a great deal of stress on your joints, muscles, and ligaments. Think of your body as a building, if an architect builds a building with a poor foundation it becomes less resistant to the stress it experiences. 

Most people struggle with posture when they are in a sitting position. If you work from home chances are you spend most of your time slouched over while typing at your computer.

Usually when people are highly focused on something they tend to stick out their head and neck. While this is happening, there is an increased tension placed on muscles and joints.

As a result, your upper back and neck will reach a point of being fatigued. The first step to correcting your posture is awareness. You can break all of the poor habits to reduce stress and strain on your spine. 

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