Creative duo working with WarnerMedia OneFifty on new animated series

Creator and animator Jordan Hendrickson (Photo courtesy of Jasmin Dionne Watts)

Crime does not stand a chance with the arrival of an outer space character named DARWEEN in a new series created by animator Jordan Hendrickson, produced by Daryl Sledge and starring Jeremy Sisto. This conceptual project is a prelude to an animated television pilot. Both men are award-winning creatives, whose work has collectively been presented in animation, film, television and theater. “DARWEEN” is an buddy cop series set against the backdrop of the crime- and drug-ridden street of Florida in the 1980s. WarnerMedia OneFifty, the content innovation hub of Warner Media, is funding the show. Rolling out got a chance to talk with both the creator and producer recently.

Why did you team up for this project?

Daryl Sledge: Jordan approached me with a mini-pitch and draft of the pilot episode, and after hearing the pitch and reading the pilot episode, immediately I wanted to be involved.

Jordan Hendrickson: I worked with Daryl on his film un•bind, which is now sizzling all over film festivals, and really enjoyed his work ethic and dedication, so when I wrote “DARWEEN” he was the first and only choice I had to produce this project with me.

Who is DARWEEN and what is the series about?

JH: DARWEEN is an alien who is new to Earth and is learning everything from scratch, even how to talk. But, he does have enhanced speed; strength and he can shapeshift his form. When he meets a black detective, who is trying to protect his city and neighborhood from a powerful drug cartel, they partner up. And, what is great is they have this odd couple like friendship and co-dependency. The detective needs DARWEEN because his powers make him a useful weapon in this drug war, and DARWEEN wants a friend to teach him to be human.

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